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Our online training programs offer 24/7 access to both high quality video classes taught by national experts and practice questions to prepare you to accurately interpret cardiac arrhythmias and 12 lead ECGs.

These products are specifically prepared for non-nursing healthcare clinicians including but not limited to paramedics, monitor technicians, medical assistants, and medical students.

Online Classes:
Each online class contains:

  • Access for 12 months to an audio/video PowerPoint presentation that advances automatically but can be stopped for practice or review at any time
  • PDF handouts to follow along with the presentation
  • Online course evaluation to be completed at the end of the program
  • A post test to validate your knowledge.
  • Printable certificate of completion suitable for presenting to your current or future employer. The certificate of completion includes number of course hours, course objectives, and documentation of successful completion of a post test.

Practice Questions:
Practice questions are available to develop your knowledge and skills in the interpretation of cardiac arrhythmia and 12 ECG and any associated emergency treatment.

Each individual test allows you to study and prepare in the areas of arrhythmia interpretation / monitoring training and 12 lead ECG reading. You can work through the questions in study mode where you receive comprehensive rationale for the correct answer to every question. You can also take each test for a grade and track your progress over time.

These practice tests will build your confidence for the knowledge and skills needed in real life clinical situations.

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Practice Questions

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Training Certificates

12 Lead ECG: Essential Skills for Clinical Practice Training Course
Cardiac Arrhythmia Basic Interpretation: Training Course