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Institutional Pricing

CNEA supports organizations in their commitment of training, continuing education, and ongoing competency assessment of RNs and APRNs. Below are institutional pricing structures for our courses. Institutions receive between a 10% and a 40% discount depending on the number of coupons purchased per course. All of our online courses are available for institutional purchase.

10% off original program cost: 10-25 Coupons

20% off original program cost: 26-50 Coupons

30% off original program cost: 51-75 Coupons

40% off original program cost: > 75 Coupons

An institution can purchase as many individual accounts (coupons) as needed. We provide a coupon code for each purchased class to be used by individuals to receive the discounted price. Each individual user registers for their class on our website using the coupon code, and their account is available for one year from the registration date. Coupons do not expire so no need to use all of your purchased coupons within a year. When all coupons have been used, an email will notify you and you can purchase additional coupons if needed. There are no refunds for unused coupons. Each class has a post test that must be completed with a score of 80% in order to receive a CE certificate. The user can take the test as many times as necessary to get a passing score. Once a passing score is achieved, the user can access the course evaluation, and when the evaluation is submitted they get a link to their CE certificate.

Please email or call us at 206-403-3486 to order or for a customized plan to meet your cardiovascular and critical care education needs.


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