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How to Make Presenter Files Work on a Desktop Computer

  1. Visit to see if you have Adobe Flash downloaded on your machine.  
    • Note: If you already have Adobe Flash downloaded, you may skip this step.
  2. Enable Flash for your browser:
  3. Navigate to the course page that is trying to load Presenter
  4. Click the "Start Class" button
  5. If you see the following loading screen, you will need to enable Flash in your browser:
  6.  Enable Flash in your browser by clicking the  Lock Lock or Info  View site information to the left of the website address.
  7. Set the Flash option to "Allow":
    • ​​
  8. Your browser may also prompt you to enable Flash.  If it does you will see the following screens (go ahead and click allow):
    •  (Click to Run)
    •  (Click to Allow)
  9. ​If done correctly, you should now see the following screen when starting your class:
    • ​​

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