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We know you care about excellence in practice and want to develop clinical expertise because it makes a difference for the patients you serve.  However, the best path for developing clinical expertise is not always clear and it can be overwhelming to synthesize the vast amount of available information necessary to care for complex or critically ill patients.  The road to developing expertise should be clear and the education you receive should be clinically meaningful and relevant. 

Like you, we care about excellence in clinical practice and believe in the power of nursing practice to transform healthcare outcomes. We have trained thousands of RNs and APRNs across the country to become clinical experts.  These nurses have achieved recognition and respect for their nursing knowledge.  

CNEA is now offering an annual subscription to all our online CE video courses to lead you on your journey to clinical expertise.  The subscription price of $675.00 provides access to all our online CE courses, including 5 certification preparation courses, valued at more $2,500.00.  You will also receive automatic access to all new online video CE classes published during your subscription period. To view the content included in your subscription please click here.

Invest in the highest quality education and save money with CNEAs subscription offer.  

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