Welcome to CNEA’s Online Interactive Certification Preparation Center

Each of the certification preparation products contains a series of individual tests covering key subject matter as listed on the blueprint for the exam you are taking.  Each certification exam blue print is available through the professional organization offering the certification exam.  CNEA is not involved in item writing for any exam, and has independently developed these certification preparation products based on nursing knowledge associated with content contained in the exam blueprint.  In addition to preparing for certification, these products are an excellent resource for developing your cardiovascular and critical care nursing knowledge.

The individual tests allow you to study and prepare in a thoughtful and organized manner according to subject matter.  You can work through the test content in the study mode where you will receive comprehensive rationale to support the correct answer.  You can also take each test for a grade and track your progress over time.  In addition to having hundreds of practice questions, you also get detailed content similar to a certification review book.  

Please choose your certification preparation product below and begin your journey to successful attainment of your certification credential.  Access to products can be purchased for 6 months or for one year.